Swiss to lose access to websites of foreign casinos

epa07546201 A man walks past an advertising for a casino at a roadside in Panghsang, also called Pang Kham of autonomous Wa region, north-eastern Myanmar, 15 April 2019. The Wa are indigenous people from the mountains of northern Myanmar who in the past were feared as headhunters and maintained their independence throughout history, even during the British colonial period. The United Wa State Army (UWSA) emerged in 1989 from the ashes of the guerrilla of the Communist Party of Burma (CPB), which had controlled for decades its own territory in the north of the country, when the soldiers of the Wa ethnic group and other minorities rebelled against their leaders, of the Bamar ethnic group, forced them to flee to China and appropriated the weapons that until then had belonged to the CPB. On 17 April 1989, the Wa State declared itself independent. Although the government of Myanmar does not recognize the sovereignty of the Wa State, they have adopted a ceasefire with the state since 09 May 1989. The Burmese Constitution of 2008 recognizes the Wa State with almost one million inhabitants as a 'self-administered division'. Throughout its thirty years of existence, the UWSA has managed to build the most powerful force of the Asian country's guerrillas and control a territory along the border with China of the size of Belgium. The wealth of the Wa State has as its origin the production of heroin in the 1990s, and later methamphetamine, which makes the UWSA to be considered one of the most powerful 'narco-armies' in the world. However, in recent years, especially since Myanmar began a democratic transition in 2011 after five decades of military rule, the UWSA has tried to improve its image, proclaiming that it is combating drug production and has been orienting its economy towards legal crops with the help of Chinese investors. EPA-EFE/LYNN BO BO

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Swiss gamblers are going to lose access to the websites of foreign casinos. 

As of 1st July,  the provision of the new Swiss gambling law which restricts online gambling to a few authorised Swiss-based casinos comes into effect.  

Swiss gamblers will be able to bet online only with Swiss casinos and lotteries that pay tax in the country and take measures to protect people from addiction.

Last June 73% of voters approved the overhaul of the country’s gambling law. The law came into effect in January but blocking of foreign gambling websites will begin next month. 

Swissinfo reports that a list of unauthorised gambling providers will be published on the websites of the Federal Gaming Commissionexternal link and the Lotteries and Betting Commission external link. Those on the blacklist will be automatically blocked by Swiss telecommunications service providers by means of DNS (domain name server) blocks. Only websites accessible from Switzerland will be blocked. Foreign service providers who voluntarily withdraw from the Swiss market with appropriate measures will not be blocked.

Swiss gamblers signed up with foreign casinos will have to contact them directly for any money due as Swiss regulators have no jurisdiction over them. 

Swissinfo added that it is estimated that more than CHF250 million a year flows into the coffers of foreign internet casinos based in offshore locations such as Malta or Gibraltar. 

Via Swissinfo 

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