Survey shows most Africans prefer staying in their continent

epa07242777 Three migrants react after their arrival to the port of Melilla, in Spain, 20 December 2018. A total of 39 migrants, including 30 women and 9 minors, arrived to Melilla on a small boat. EPA-EFE/F.G Guerrero

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New data from the Afrobarometer research organization based in Ghana, showed that contrary to narratives about African migration in the West, most Africans said they would rather go to another country in the region than abroad to Europe or the United States.

The 2018-2019 findings are based on surveys in 34 countries. It also contradicts another misconception regarding African migration with the Afrobarometer survey showing that contrary to the notion that migrants are simply a country’s most impoverished citizens, youth and education are far more strongly correlated with interest in emigration than poverty.

One of the survey’s most striking findings is that 37% – more than one in three Africans – have considered moving abroad. Just under half of those say this is something they have thought about “a lot”.

When it comes to actually moving, 7% of people in Zimbabwe and Lesotho say they are currently making preparations to go, compared to an African average of 3%.

Complete results from Afrobarometer are available here

Via The Africa Times

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