Supermarkets might be forced to ban ‘guilt lanes’ in the UK to fight obesity

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You’re done with your shopping in the supermarket and waiting impatiently for your turn. You’re hungry and there lies the temptation, a rack full of sweets and chocolates. The temptation is so strong that you hardly resist. Then kicks in guilt.

Super market guilt lanes

The Telegraph has learned that in the UK, it seems that supermarkets will be forced to ban “guilt lanes” at supermarket checkouts and end two-for-one offers on junk food under Government plans to tackle child obesity.

Jeremy Hunt, the Health Secretary, is planning a wave of new legislation as part of a crackdown, including a 9pm watershed on advertising products high in sugar and salt from 2020.

Ministers will also consider a ban on the use of cartoon characters and celebrities to promote junk food, and consult on new legislation to bar retailers from selling energy drinks to under-16s.

The newspaper adds that the campaign might face  a backlash from retailers. The strategy makes clear that while retailers have taken “first steps” to tackling obesity, legislation will be needed to create a “level playing field” and target stores which have failed to take action.

It states: “Where food is placed in shops and how it is promoted can influence the way we shop and it is more common for HFSS [high in fat, sugar and salt] products to be placed in the most prominent places in store as well as sold on promotion, e.g. with ‘buy one get one free’ offers.

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