Study discovers link between chronic pain and weather

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People with arthritis are more likely to feel pain on humid, windy days, according to new research.

Scientists from the University of Manchester found sufferers were 20% more likely to be in pain on days that are humid and windy with low atmospheric pressure than on days with average weather.

Funded by the charity Versus Arthritis, the study examined data from 2,658 people, who provided daily data on pain levels on most days for around six months.

According to the research, humid days were the most likely to be painful, whereas dry days were the least likely. Low pressure and higher wind speed were also linked to more painful days, although to a lesser extent than humidity.

Prof Will Dixon, of the Centre for Epidemiology Versus Arthritis, at the University of Manchester, who led the study said said if other researchers could now “look at why humidity is related to pain, that opens the door to new treatments”.

And it might be possible to develop a “pain forecast” that could allow people with chronic pain to plan activities.


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