Spanish authorities seeking power to view calls made on phones of drivers involved in a crash

epa05861545 A man uses his mobile phone in his car as a policemen carry out controls on the motorways around Cologne, Germany, 21 March 2017. The focus is on car drivers using smartphones while driving and on unsecured cargo. EPA/SASCHA STEINBACH

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Spanish authorities are going be even more vigilant on drivers who use their cellphones at the wheel.

El Pais reports that the Spanish Civil Guard, Bartolomé Vargas, a Supreme Court prosecutor and coordinator of Road Safety in Spain, has just sent out an order to allow them to request the examination of calls made and received on the phones of drivers involved in a crash.

The use of cellphones while driving is one of the main threats to road safety in Spain and increases the risk of accidents by 20%.

But this will not be an on-the-spot inspection, and judicial authorization will be needed.
This will allow police and Civil Guard officers who suspect that a driver was distracted at the wheel by their phone to request a detailed report from the cellphone company of the times and durations of calls upon a judicial authorization.

The examination of the calls will not, however, be the determining factor for punishable action, and will also be conditioned by other circumstances.

The Civil Guard is also seeking powers to take action against cellphone applications that warn drivers about police roadblocks and alcohol and drugs checks on Spanish streets and highways.

Civil Guard sources explain that they have suggested that they should be able to examine cellphones to check for such applications and impose fines for their use.

Via  El Pais

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