Spain to help Greta travel to Madrid for UN climate summit

epa07965719 Greta Thunberg addresses the crowd at the Youth Climate Strike in Los Angeles, California, USA, 01 November 2019. Several hundred people gathered and marched through the streets to demand elected officials take action against the climate crisis. EPA-EFE/CHRISTIAN MONTERROSA

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The Spanish government has offered to help 16-year-old Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg travel to Madrid for a UN climate summit. The venue of the conference, known as COP25, was changed to the Spanish capital at the last minute.

Thunberg was on her way to Santiago, Chile, where COP25 was originally set to take place. The conference is due to start on December 2.

Following the announcement of the venue change, Thunberg tweeted that she had travelled halfway around the world the wrong way, and would be grateful for help finding transportation.

In August, the teenager traveled from Sweden to the United States by sailboat. She refuses to fly because of the carbon footprint.

Via NHK News

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