Spain plans to make ‘glorification’ of General Franco illegal

epa07957779 Relatives of 18 victims of Franco's political repression who were executed in Almudena cemetery between 1939 and 1944 attend to a ceremony on historic memory with Spanish acting Justice Minister Dolores Delgado, in Madrid, Spain, 29 October 2019. Delgado has delivered a reparation and recognition statement to their families. EPA-EFE/Emilio Naranjo

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The Spanish government plans to make it illegal to glorify the regime of former dictator General Francisco Franco as part of a reform of the country’s criminal code, the Socialist Party said on Monday.

“In a democracy you don’t pay tribute to dictators or tyrants,” parliamentary spokeswoman Adriana Lastra said.

She did not spell out what would constitute “glorification.”

The government also aims to exhume the bodies of Franco’s victims buried in mass graves and remove any Francoist symbols still on display in public places, Lastra said. In recent years, many street names commemorating Franco and his allies have been changed and public statues removed.

Socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, whose left-wing coalition government came to power in January, made addressing the legacy of the dictatorship a pillar of his electoral campaign.

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