Somerset in the UK rattled by earthquake

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A 3.2-magnitude earthquake has been felt in Somerset, in the UK on Thursday evening.

The British Geological Survey (BGS) said the tremor had been felt in several towns and villages in the southwest county.

People described a “big rumble”, a “boom”, and said their “whole house rattled”.

The BGS said the quake affected the area near Bridgwater, 10km north of Taunton, at 10.49pm.


It struck at a depth of 5km.

The United Kingdom occasionally has small tremors.  The most recent “significant” quake was a 4.6 magnitude felt in Cwmllynfell in South Wales.

The strongest in the last 20 years was a 5.2 in Lincolnshire.


Via Sky News/BGS/USGS

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