Societal Wellbeing is a shared responsibility – Malta2030

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In line with Corporate ID Group’ mission to empower, enable and foster meaningful communications and communities, today we had the privilege to brief H.E. President of Malta George Vella our group’s project #Malta2030.

The ‘foundation stone’ of this project is our own Advocacy4Legacy initiative which is the result of research, discussions and engagement with stakeholders from the academic, corporate and voluntary sector, specifically aimed to empower the generations of tomorrow, children.

Our executive chairman Jesmond Saliba, explained that the vision stems from the belief that societal well-being has to go beyond ‘traditional’ approaches, silo mentalities and needs to be seen as a shared-responsibility where the all relevant stakeholders are given the opportunity so that the social, human, technological and brand capital of every organisation complements the work undertaken by the voluntary sector in the various areas of interest they cater for and beyond, through the multiplier effects of long-lasting, strategically planned synergies.

He also added the importance that the impact on societal well-being needs to be addressed with community based action plans with the relevant stakeholders in the communities.

President Vella was briefed on the specific work undertaken so far and the agreements reached with The The Scout Association of Malta’s Leap Foundation and the Malta Girl Guides, so that together with people who come from the private education sector and corporate world formulate tools aimed to empower children, through the engagement of the voluntary sector which work directly with children.

The President of Malta expressed his belief, that societal well-being is the responsibility of all, a shared belief which inspires our group’s activities in all sectors of operations.

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