Slovakia’s daily coronavirus cases jump back to 20

Slovakian police officers at the Satorosbanya border crossing between Hungary and Slovakia. EPA-EFE/PETER KOMKA

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The number of new coronavirus infections in Slovakia jumped back up to 20 on Wednesday, the highest daily figure since a week ago and the second highest since late April.

The country was among the first to implement strict measures against the COVID-19 illness in March, which helped it to keep case numbers low. Most of those measures have now been eased.

Newly confirmed cases had dropped to single digits in late April and mostly stayed there until last week, when new reported infections rose to double-digits on four days, peaking at 23 on June 24 before dropping back to just two on Tuesday.

Restrictions including closed borders, shops and schools and a ban on public events have been lifted, with gatherings of up to 1,000 people now allowed.

As of June 30, the country of 5.4 million had 1,687 cases and 28 deaths. The number of tests rose to 2,063 on Tuesday, the highest daily number since June 5.

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