Slideshow: Exhibition Celebrating 80 Years of Batman

epa06030828 The City Hall building is lit up with a Batman signal in memory of late US actor Adam West in Los Angeles, California, USA, 15 June 2017. West, who starred in the Batman television series, died at the age of 88 on 09 June 2017. The Batman TV series featured the light being displayed above Gotham City whenever the super hero was needed. EPA/EUGENE GARCIA

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In the midst of the current cinematic success of Marvel, it’s adversary DC is celebrating the 80th anniversary from when Batman first made his comic appearance. In Los Angeles an exhibition has just opened.

First appearing as socialite turned crimefighter Bruce Wayne in Detective Comics 27 on March 30 1939, Batman or the Dark Knight has stood as a symbol of determination bravery and justice to generations of fans for 80 years.

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He has influenced every area of modern entertainment appearing in countless comic books, television series, video games, theme parks and toys, collectibles apparel and lifestyle products as well as blockbuster animated and live action films.

At the Hollywood Museum in Los Angeles, California   a Batman exhibition, as part of the 20th Century Superhero Legends exhibit, has been inaugurated to mark the anniversary of the superhero. The exhibit will include original props and memorabilia from the batman comics, through the television series and feature films through today, as well as screen accurate replicas of their costumes.



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