Sinisa Mihajlovic shares his story about his recovery from Leukaemia

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Sinisa Mihajlovic, interviewed by “Verissimo” about his fight against leukaemia, after his diagnoses last summer said “I’m winning my battle”, reassures the Bologna manager but I’m no hero.

He said that the first cycle of therapies, last July immediately after the diagnosis, was very hard: “In five days I was had to go through 13 chemo, eight more than the other patients who normally make five, because I was physically strong”.

The first public release on August 25 to follow his team, with the Serbian technician very thin for the pounds lost during the treatments: “I felt like a walking dead”, reveals the ex footballer who once again shows his strength of character .

He said that he never gave up, and now, after the bone marrow transplant, the worst seems to be over.

“77-78 days passed since the transplant and the first 100 are the most critical: I must have patience for about twenty more days, “explains Mihajlovic, who however states that he does not feel like a hero: “I feel like a normal man. You must never stop fighting and think you can do it “. You also have to give courage to the children: “I was sick and yet I had to be strong so as not to worry them”.

He gave special thanks, to the doctors who treated him and to the family, with whom he was able to spend the holidays: “It was the most beautiful Christmas of my life”, he concluded.

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