Shortage of wedding dresses in U.K. following Coronavirus outbreak in China

epa00956653 Visitors to the First Beijing Wedding Photography Exhibition browse amongst thousands of wedding dresses and other props used in studios around the country Thursday 15 March 2007. Wedding photography has proved a booming business in China with even the smallest towns offering newly weds the chance to immortalise themselves in lavishly romantic outfits against backdrops of magic forests, castles and even as movie stars with their own digtally enhanced promotional posters. Whilst white silk dresses are part of the wardrobe in photo studios they are only rarely worn at real weddings in China where red is the traditional colour for brides. EPA/ADRIAN BRADSHAW

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A shortage of wedding dresses in the UK could be one of the effects of the coronavirus outbreak, MPs have heard.

Labour’s Chris Bryant told the House of Commons how “many wedding dresses in this country are designed in this country but made in China”.

Sky News reports that he described how many wedding dress producers – including those in his Rhondda constituency – have “found it really difficult because the factories have been closed in China” as the country battles to contain the virus.

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