Scottish government expecting coronavirus outbreak


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The Scottish government announced last night it was stepping up its preparations for an outbreak, after the first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, chaired a resilience meeting to discuss preparations.

The health secretary, Jeane Freeman, said it was “expecting an outbreak” in Scotland but stressed the risk to individuals was low and that all tests so far had come back negative. A total of 412 people have been tested for the virus in Scotland so far.

Preparations include:


  •   Establishing two testing laboratories in Glasgow and Edinburgh to speed up identification of confirmed cases.
  •   Supplying GPs’ surgeries with face masks and ensuring hospitals are fully stocked with personal protective equipment.
  •  Updating public health legislation to make coronavirus a notifiable disease, thus requiring doctors to inform health boards about any cases of the disease.


Her comments came after Scotland’s Chief Medical Officer said people could be banned from gathering in large numbers to contain the spread of the virus, known as Covid-19, if it hits Scotland.

As of Tuesday afternoon, 412 people had been tested for the virus in Scotland, and all returned negative results.

Across the UK, 13 people have been confirmed to have the virus from 6,795 patients tested.

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