Scotland Yard marks 35th anniversary of Yvonne Fletcher’s murder

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Scotland Yard on Wednesday commemorated the murder 35 years ago a young female British officer was deployed to monitor a demonstration outside the Libyan People’s Bureau in London.

The officer was 25 year old Police Constable Yvonne Fletcher. She was observing the demonstration when just after 10.15 in the morning a number of shots were fired from an automatic weapon. The shots were fired from within the bureau, hitting WPC Fletcher in the back and she died a short time later at Westminster Hospital.
WPC Yvonne Fletcher was murdered in what was considered an act of state sponsored terrorism. Shot in broad daylight her death evoked a powerful reaction from both the public and officers at the time. The commemoration was held as the 100 years since the first women joined the Met as officers is being remembered together with the significant contribution they have made.

Yvonne Joyce Fletcher Memorial in London

Every year, on the anniversary of her murder the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police visits her memorial in St James Square and lays a wreath to remember and pay tribute to our colleague WPC Yvonne Fletcher.

The investigation into her murder remains open.


Via The Metropolitan Police

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