Saturday Malta Evening News Roundup
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What follows are the salient news as reported by Malta’s news portals.

A court has temporarily upheld an injunction by Air Malta to stop industrial action by the Airline Pilots Association (ALPA), in a dispute stemming from different interpretations of the collective agreement. Reacting, the pilots’ union said the airline had put out a “false statement” and that the injunction filed with the courts concerned different issues. Times of Malta 

The Archdiocese of Malta’s Justice and Peace Commission has forwarded its proposals for Budget 2019 to Finance Minister Edward Scicluna. The Commission believes that quality of life needs to be universally improved to the equivalent of our country’s current financial prosperity. In a press release issued on Saturday morning, the Commission highlights transport, the environment, the health system, affordable accommodation and migration as its key focus points. Newsbook 

PD MP Godfrey Farrugia has effectively been declared the new leader of Partit Demokratiku by an independent Electoral Commission of the party in a report to the party’s Executive. Malta Independent 

The Government, together with Dar Hosea, is to begin programme Exit to help those caught in the clutches of prostitution to help them start a new life after being released from prison. TVM is informed that in the Kordin Correctional Facility there are currently 13 persons serving sentences for prostitution and these will probably be the first to benefit from the specialised programme with professional help to help them escape the clutches of prostitution. TVM / One News

Malta experienced flash flooding all over the island on Friday after heavy rains hit as predicted. Coming down hard before finally lessening, the rainfall caused water to accumulate quickly around the island, causing damage in some areas. Lovin Malta

A group representing Maltese cyclists has filed a judicial protest against the minister for transport and infrastructure, complaining that their input was completely ignored in consultations about infrastructural works on Mdina road in Zebbug. MaltaToday 

Shift News presents an analysis on how the Maltese political parties are shifting to the right and claims that this can only be stopped by principled people within Labour and PN. It adds that sadly, it seems that most people active within Labour and PN put their self-preservation and self-interest above that of the most vulnerable among us. Shift News 




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