Sanchez left-wing coalition government approval set for vote today

epa08104168 Spanish Prime Minister designate Pedro Sanchez (L) is applauded by his party's MPs after he delivered the last speech before the voting during the second session of his investiture debate at Lower Chamber of Spanish Parliament, in Madrid, Spain, 05 January 2020. Acting Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez faces his investiture debate for 14th legislative period after reaching an agreement with Catalan pro-independent party ERC and other minor parties. The Chamber will vote the investiture of Sanchez later today and if he does not obtain an absolute majority the vote will be repeated next 07 January when he only needs a simple majority. EPA-EFE/Juan Carlos Hidalgo

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Spanish parliamentarians are expected to vote by the narrowest of margins on Tuesday to confirm Socialist leader Pedro Sanchez as head of a left-wing coalition government.

El Pais reports that although the outcome of the Sunday vote did not come as a surprise – Sánchez did not have enough support to secure an absolute majority of 176 seats in the 350-strong lower house of parliament – the Socialist leader is expected to win a simple majority of more yes than no votes on Tuesday.

The decisive parliamentary session is scheduled for 12 p.m. (1100 GMT).

An approval will  break the country’s current political gridlock.

This victory hinges on a pledge of abstention from the Catalan Republican Party (ERC), a separatist group that has for weeks been negotiating the terms of its indirect endorsement.

El Pais 

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