Samsung takes second take to make ‘foldable’ smartphones

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Screens that fold in half finally arrived last year with the Galaxy Fold, which was originally plagued by durability issues causing a delay and a reworking of the device. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is a second attempt at bringing foldable displays closer to the mainstream and reinventing the flip phone for 2020 in the process.

The Guardian reports that the Galaxy Z Flip is a tall smartphone that folds in half like mid-2000s flip-phones rather than a tall smartphone opening out into a square tablet.

The hinge opens and will hold the screen at any angle, similar to a laptop. It’s smooth and reassuringly solid. What you can’t easily do is flip it open with one finger, but you probably shouldn’t even if you could because the screen is fairly fragile – more on that later.

The report adds that when closed, the phone is a compact wedge shape with little rubber feet and magnets holding the two ends together.

The report refers to concerns and a massive question mark over the screen’s durability. It comes with care instructions wrapped around it in the box, including advice not to press hard on the screen with hard objects, such as your fingernail; don’t fold something else in when closing the phone; the phone isn’t dust or water resistant; don’t put stickers or screen protectors on it; and keep the phone away from credit cards as it has magnets in it. You can’t say you haven’t been warned.

Via The Guardian 

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