Salvini presents no-confidence motion against Conte

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The League presented a motion of no confidence in Premier Giuseppe Conte in the Senate on Friday after the party’s leader, Deputy Premier and Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, said Thursday that the ruling majority no longer exists and called for early elections.

The motion said there were “too many noes” within the government and referred to the opposition of the League’s coalition partner, the 5-Star Movement (M5S), to the TAV Turin-Lyon high-speed rail link project.

“Too many noes are bad for Italy, which needs to grow and, therefore, to have new elections soon,” the League said.

“Those who waste time, harm the country and are only thinking about their positions”.

Conte, a law professor who was appointed by the government coalition when it was formed in June last year, criticized Salvini for seeking to bring down the government.

“He must justify to the voters who believed in the promise of change, the reasons that have led him to interrupt early and abruptly the work of government,” Conte said, after holding talks with president Sergio Mattarella and Salvini.

The coalition, that combined the League and Five Star, a grassroots movement of political novices with strong support in the poorer south, has been mired with tensions since the start. Conflicts have intensified since Salvini’s League emerged as Italy’s biggest party in European elections in May.



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