Rwanda dismisses Ebola threat

epaselect epa07725808 A woman showing possible Ebola symptoms waits to be treated at the detection zone before being sent to an isolation area in the Goma General Hospital in Goma, eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, 18 July 2019. The World Health Organization (WHO) on 18 July announced that the Ebola epidemic is a public health emergency of international concern. EPA-EFE/SALYM FAYAD

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Authorities in Rwanda have refuted reports that the fishmmonger responsible for Uganda’s renewed Ebola crisis, had crossed into the border town of Gisenyi.

Malic Kayumba, Head of Communications at Rwanda Biomedical Centre said that “there is no Ebola in Rwanda as far as we are concerned. We have a strong surveillance system in place that helps us to prevent its entry”.

He added that they investigate every day and have a system that informs us of all we need to know, and such news would be coming from us. If there was entry of a suspected Ebola victim we would have known.’‘

There had been reports by the Word Health Organisation (WHO) that the fishmonger who vomited at a popular market in Uganda’s border Mpondwe town, might also have done business in Rwanda before returning to DRC where she died.

WHO has since withdrawn the reports which were reportedly published without the knowledge of WHO headquarters in Geneva.

“Two situation reports… have erroneously included unverified information,” a statement from WHO said late on Thursday.

Rwanda has never had a recorded case of Ebola and has trained over 23,000 medical personnel, police officers and volunteers in preparation to fight outbreaks.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) will work with authorities in Uganda to vaccinate about 590 fishmongers at the Mpondwe market, following the discovery that one of them vomited at the Ugandan market on July 11 before dying in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).


Via The East African/Reuters/African News

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