Russia must leave Venezuela – Trump

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US President Donald Trump has met with Fabiana Rosales, wife of Venezuela’s interim President Juan Guaido, as Venezuelans endured a third day of a near-nationwide blackout.

It is the second outage of that scale to paralyze the country this month, leaving public offices and schools shuttered.

The government has provided no official information on how much of the country was affected, but has blamed the blackouts on US “cybernetic” attacks and opposition “sabotage” and “terrorism.” Experts estimate the power outages are costing the Venezuelan economy some $200 million (€177 million) per day.

DW reports that Fabiana Rosales, the wife of Venezuela’s interim president, has drummed up support for the country’s opposition in Washington. During the meeting, President Donald Trump called on Russia “to get out” of the country.

Via DW


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