Rouhani warns foreign forces to stay out of Gulf

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Iran’s president has warned that foreign forces are threatening the security of the Gulf, after the US said it was deploying troops to the region.

Hassan Rouhani said foreign forces had always brought “pain and misery” and should not be used in an “arms race”.

The US is sending more troops to Saudi Arabia after an attack on Saudi oil facilities both nations blame on Iran.

Rouhani also said Iran would present a new Gulf peace initiative at the United Nations in the coming days.

Iran’s navy toady will put more than 200 frigates and speedboats on parade  to mark the 1980 Iran-Iraq war amid escalating regional tensions.

Today’s parade comes after a September 14 drone and missile attack on two of Saudi Arabia’s largest oil refineries. Riyadh and Washington place the blame squarely on Tehran, which has denied the accusations. Washington characterised the attack as an “act of war”, leading Tehran to promise “all-out war” if attacked.


Via France 24



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