Romanian finance minister appointed to form new Government

(FILE) Florin Citu during the investment procedures of the Orban II government held at the Parliament Palace in Bucharest, Romania. EPA-EFE/ROBERT GHEMENT

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Romania’s president Klaus Iohannis appointed acting finance minister Florin Citu, a member of the National Liberal Party (PNL), as prime minister-designate to form a new Government, after consultations with the parliamentary parties on Wednesday, February 26.

The president’s decision came after Romania’s Constitutional Court (CCR) ruled that the appointment of dismissed prime minister Ludovic Orban to form a new cabinet and go to the Parliament, only to fail in getting the vote of a majority, generated a constitutional conflict between the Parliament and Presidency. CCR also requested that the president nominates a prime minister who will try to coagulate a majority in the Parliament.

President Iohannis once again blamed the Social Democrats (PSD) for the political deadlock.

Unofficial sources quoted by suggested that, if the lawmakers reject the cabinet proposed by Florin Citu, the Liberals and president Iohannis will once again nominate Ludovic Orban, in an attempt to force early elections.

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