Romania government falls after no confidence vote

epa07795652 (FILE) - Viorica Dancila, Romanian Prime Minister and Social Democracy Party (PSD) leader, leaves the stage after a government media briefing held at the government headquarters in Bucharest, Romania, 31 July 2019 (reissued 26 August 2019). On 26 August 2019, Calin Popescu Tariceanu announced that ALDE retracts the political support for the government. The cabinet led by Viorica Dancila, also the president of the leftist ruling party PSD, is now expecting to face a no-confidence vote in parliament this week. PSD and ALDE were forming the ruling coalition since 2016. EPA-EFE/Robert Ghement

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Romania’s government has fallen after Social Democrat Prime Minister Viorica Dancila lost a no confidence vote.

Official data showed that 238 lawmakers voted to topple the Romanian PM, with the vote needing just 233 votes to pass. It paves the way for a transitional government until a parliamentary election in late

The vote happened weeks before a presidential election, which is scheduled for November, 237 MPs signed the motion, with 233 needed to oust the cabinet.

The latest political crisis started back in May when the ruling social democrats recorded their worst results in the EU elections. Then in August, the junior coalition partner withdrew its support. For some in the Romanian opposition, the only way out of this crisis is a snap general election.


Via Euronews

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