Revolut warns about scammers posing as their phone support agents

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Revolut has warned about reports that a small network of scammers is calling or sending SMS messages to customers pretending to be Revolut support agents.

Revolut said it only provides customer support via the in-app chat. It warned that if someone makes contact via phone numbers: +44 203 322 8352, +44 800 0318470, 0800 0318435, or any other number, it’s likely to be a scam. It said it only ever use this number to receive incoming calls. We will not send your SMS authentication code from our UK phone number.

Revolut said that separate SMS phone numbers are only used to send you the SMS authentication code, or for updates regarding the account and its support agents will never contact via those phone numbers.

It said these phone numbers can easily be replicated and is out of theri control and emphasised never to give anyone security details, including PIN code or SMS authentication code as Revolut support agents will never ask for these as part of the verification process.

In the rare cases where Revolut does reach out to customers, it will make you first via the in-app chat.

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