Reports that GNA forces took over Tripoli’s international airport

File photo of the damaged main building of Tripoli International Airport in Libya. EPA/STR

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After months of fighting, forces loyal to the Government of National Accord (GNA) of Fayez Sarraj’s are reported to have taken full control of Tripoli’s international airport according to Italian website Difesa & Sicurezza.

It reported that in the past hours there was a surprise attack by GNA soldiers, who within a few hours have taken control of the entire airport, forcing Khalifa Haftar’s troops to flee south.

The GNA also issued an ultimatum to the forces of Haftar in the areas of Qasr Ben Ghashir, Tarhuna and Arban (Al Urban) in the capital to put down their weapons and surrender. A warning that has been interpreted as an indication that a ground offensive on the three targets is imminent.

Read more via Difesa & Sicurezza

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