Reports that Haftar under investigation by ICC

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The Libya Observer reports that the International Criminal Court’s Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda has started investigating crimes committed by forces under Khalifa Haftar’s command in Libya,

The declaration was made by the spokesman for Libyan Foreign Ministry Mohammed Al-Giblawi on Saturday.

Al-Giblawi told Anadolu Agency that the Libyan Foreign Ministry had delivered evidence to the ICC proving Haftar’s forces strikes on illegal immigrants’ detention center in Tajoura and strikes in Murzuq in southern Libya.

He also said that the international community is split regarding Libya, which has given a chance to some parties to support Haftar and hinder abiding resolutions at the Security Council, adding that there is no clear condemnation of Haftar’s actions at the Security Council due to some countries’ intervention, especially France.

Via The Libyan Observer


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