Reports of suspected Russian disinformation campaign ahead of UK election

epa06612719 A photograph showing the Russian Embassy in Central London, Britain, 18 March 2018. Russians are casting their votes in the national presidential election in which Vladimir Putin is seeking a fourth term in the Kremlin. EPA-EFE/WILL OLIVER

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The social media company Reddit said that it had detected a suspected Russian disinformation campaign on the site intended to spread confidential U.K. government documents ahead of next week’s election.

That comes after social media analytics firm Graphika suggested in a report earlier this week that Russian tactics played some role in the leak of the documents last month, which detailed U.S. and U.K. discussions leading up to Brexit.

The documents showed that U.S. officials wanted the U.K.’s National Health Service to be “on the table” in any post-Brexit talks — a claim that bolstered an attack line by the opposition Labour Party and fed allegations that the Conservatives were putting the system up for sale.

In a statement outlining how it tied the latest campaign back to Russia, Reddit said it believes the post was connected to similar disinformation efforts that Facebook discovered earlier this year.


Via Politico

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