Rebellion against PN leader lacks strategy – The Headlines – L-Orizzont

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L-Orizzont gives prominence to the testimony of its former editor, Josef Caruana, who in Court yesterday stated that he had always followed the press law and always avoided any trouble.

L-Orizzont reports the conviction to two years suspended imprisonment for the owner of a Mosta farm guilty of keeping animals in a very bad state. The term would come into force should another similar crime be committed in the next four-year period.

In a third front page story, L-Orizzont quotes former Nationalist PN MP who described the current rebellion against PN Leader Adrian Delia as “lacking a strategy”. Debono’s comments were made in the wake of a survey indicated that the Delia had the support of 56% of paid-up members.

Via BeInformed Ci Consulta Media Monitoring Serice 

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