Raab denies he might resign on demands on right to pull Britain from Irish backstop agreement

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Dominic Raab has denied speculation that he might resign in protest if there is no time limit or satisfactory exit clause on the Irish backstop.

This comes after the Telegraph revealed this morning that the Brexit Secretary has left his Irish counterparts ‘stunned’ by demanding the right to pull Britain out of the EU’s Irish backstop after just three months, prompting a public rebuff from Dublin and Brussels.

The Telegraph reports Conservative Brexiteers have expressed their support for Mr Raab in this current stand-off. “Dominic is right on this and his position is a very practical reading of the Brexiteer view,” David Campbell Bannerman, the Tory MEP, told the Telegraph, warning that “the issue is powerful enough to take us into possible resigning territory.”

“If the Government wants to pursue [the deal being reported] then it can’t, it shouldn’t and every cabinet minister arguing for it should resign because they’re not going to deliver on the result of the referendum and that’s not acceptable,” Marcus Fysh, the Tory MP,  told The Telegraph.


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