Pope Pius XII papacy will be researched as Vatican will open its archives for researchers

epa01515028 (FILE) An undated black and white file picture made available on 09 October 2008 shows Pope Pius XII (1876-1958) in his office at Vatican City. Pope Benedict XVI who celebrated a Mass commemorating the 50th anniversary of World War II pontiff Pius XII's death on 09 October 2008, expressed hope that Pius can proceed towards Roman Catholic sainthood defending the later from claims of not having done enough to save Jews from Holocaust. EPA/STR

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The Vatican archives will open its doors to researchers who will scrutinise all documentation related World War II-era Pope Pius XII.

For years controversy surrounding the figure of Pope Pius XII has been a sore point for the Holy See.

The documents, texts and letters relating to Pius XII’s pontificate, up to his death, will be made available March 2, the 80th anniversary of Eugenio Pacelli’s election to the papacy.

When announcing his decision to open the archives a year ago, in March 2019, Pope Francis declared that “the Church is not afraid of history but, rather, she loves it, and would like to love it more and better, as God loves it!”.

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