Poll shows that people turned against Labour because of Corbyn rather than Brexit

epa08068511 Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn (C) leaves his house in London, Britain, 13 December 2019. Britons went to the polls for a general election on 12 December 2019, which the Conservative Party has won with an overall majority. EPA-EFE/FACUNDO ARRIZABALAGA

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More voters turned against Labour because of Jeremy Corbyn rather than Brexit, according a poll probing the reasons for the party’s greatest electoral defeat in decades.

Pollsters Opinium found that among 2017 Labour voters who defected at last night’s general election, 37 per cent of them cited the leadership of the party as their main reason.

The Independent reports that despite Mr Corbyn’s claim the election “was taken over ultimately by Brexit”, 21 per cent said they defected due to the party’s stance on EU membership while just six per cent said their main reason was Labour’s economic policies. It comes as the Labour leader indicated he would step down from his role at the start of the new year, but remain in place for the duration of a leadership contest, which could take several months.

Among Labour voters who switched allegiances to the Tories, 45 per cent cited Mr Corbyn’s leadership as the main issue while 29 per cent of those who defected to the Liberal Democrats did so.

Via the Independent / Daily Mail 

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