PM Muscat expected to nominate Ministers Helena Dalli and Edward Scicluna to European Commission

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The Malta Independent on Sunday reports that Prime Minister Joseph Muscat is expected to nominate Ministers Helena Dalli and Edward Scicluna to the European Commission.

The nominated Commission President Von Der Leyen said that she wants a commission which would have half male members and half female. In this regard, Von Der Leyen is reported to have asked head of states to nominate two candidates each, one man and one woman.

The newspaper reports that Minister Scicluna seems not interested in contesting another general election on account of his age but he is eager to give the EU job a go.

Although he’s praised in some quarters for the economic results attained by Malta, he is certain to face tough grilling on issues such as Panama Papers, Malta’s money laundering failures and Pilatus Bank. Helena Dalli is reported that she has also demanded the post. Dalli’s ‘track record’ on civil liberties would be in her advantage. However ‘while Dalli is not politically responsible for incidents and scandals, she would still be grilled about these matters by MEPs.

Calls by the government to see whether the Opposition would back those nominated, were answered that the Opposition could not commit backing someone who was not named yet.

Via The Malta Independent on Sunday 

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