Photostory: ‘The Beach’ to remain closed for two more years

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Tourists bask in sunlight on Ko Phi Phi Le Island, Krabi Province, Thailand. According to Thailand’s National Parks Department (NPD) on 10 May 2019, Maya Bay, a tourist hotspot made popular by the movie ‘The Beach’ starring Leonardo DiCaprio, is to remain closed to tourists at least until June 2021. Its closure is an effort to save the cove from ruin after years of heavy tourist exposure allowing nature to fully recover.

The white-sand paradise in Leonardo DiCaprio’s The Beach ended up being bombarded with 5000 tourists a day.

Tourists bask in sunlight on Ko Phi-Phi Leh Island, Thailand.


It was shut last June by Thai authorities due to worries the white-sand paradise was suffering from the pressure of thousands of day-trippers arriving by boat.

Authorities had initially said the beach — a massive draw for Thailand’s more than 38 million tourists — was going to be closed for four months, but the reopening was repeatedly postponed.

Thai officials said that when it is reopened, measures such as limiting the number of daily visitors and banning boats from parking within the bay’s waters will be enacted.

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