PhotoStory: Satellite imagery of Russian military aircraft at Ugolny Airport

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Satellite images of Russian warplanes sitting at the Anadyr Airfield, also known as Ugolny Airport, northeastern Russia.

Earlier this week Russian strategic bombers escorted by fighter jets tested US air defenses with flights off the coast of Alaska on Monday and Tuesday.

Satellite imagery of Ugolny Airport, in Russia

Recent satellite images showed three Tu-95 bombers along with three Su-35 (Flanker) fighter aircraft, one A-50 (Mainstay) airborne early warning and control (AWAC) aircraft and two Il-76/78 transport/refueling aircraft at the base.

Satellite imagery of Ugolny Airport, in Russia

Photos: EPA-EFE/DIGITALGLOBE /  Satellite image © 2019 DigitalGlobe, a Maxar company.

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