Photo Story: Soft toys in Tasmanian towns to cheer up isolated residents


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Soft  toys, including one depicting the character ‘Sulley’ from the 2001 Pixar movie ‘Monsters Inc.,’ are taped to street posts lining a bike path along a street in the small town of Beaconsfield, located in the West Tamar area of northern Tasmania, Australia, 06 April 2020.

Residents of the tiny northern Tasmanian towns of Beaconsfield and Beauty Point have adapted the social media trends known as ‘Teddy Bear in the Window’ and ‘Teddy Bear Hunt’ by placing all sorts of stuffed plush toys outdoors to decorate mailboxes, fences, public benches and bus stops.

The campaign to cheer up children has gained momentum since the implementation of stricter home isolation rules in response to the global pandemic of the COVID-19 disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.



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