Photo Story: French President Macron marks General de Gaulle WW2 speech anniversary


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The Patrouille de France performs the traditional annual ceremony marking the 80th anniversary of General de Gaulle’s appeal to the French people to resist the Nazi occupation during the World War II, at the Mont-Valerien.

Mont-Valerien  is a memorial for the French who fought against the Nazis and those who were killed by the occupying forces, in Suresnes, west of Paris, France.

Macron will visit the United Kingdom later on Thursday to mark the 80th anniversary of General de Gaulle’s appeal to the French resistance and to talk Brexit with Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

French President macron marks general de Gaulle speech anniversary

Macron, who will be hosted by heir-to-the-throne Prince Charles, will mark de Gaulle’s June 18, 1940 “Appel” from BBC headquarters in London for resistance to the Nazi occupation of France during World War Two.

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said that the visit showed that despite some difficult episodes in centuries of Franco-British relations, the two neighbours stood beside each other in times of need.

“It shows that with France, when we’ve had sometimes a difficult relationship at points in our history, that actually when it really counts we stand shoulder to shoulder together”, Raab said.



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