Photo Story: Classic Ferrari worth millions stolen on test drive

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A handout photo made available by the Duesseldorf Police Department on 14 May 2019 showing a stolen Ferrari 288 GTO after a reported theft and a subsequent seizure in Grevenbroich, Germany.

An unknown perpetrator took the opportunity of a test drive and stole the rare Ferrari GTO in Neuss-Uedesheim on 13 May 2019. When the seller of the Ferrari got out, the alleged buyer took advantage of the situation and disappeared with the sports car. The red Ferrari 288 GTO, first registration 1985, had the registration number D-06073 at the time of the crime.

Ferrari 288 GTO stolen in Neuss

The historical vehicle is supposed to have a value of over 2 million euros.

The Duesseldorf police have started investigations, and the vehicle was discovered later hidden in a garage nearby.



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