Petra Heritage site reopens to public


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Jordan domestic tourists arrive near the entrance of the visitors center of the reopened Petra archaeological site, in Petra, some 280 km south of Amman, Jordan.

Petra archaeological site is one of the landmarks of Jordan tourism sector, the former Nabatean capital which dates to about 200 BC, attracted in 2019, according to official figures, about 1,13 million visitors from all over the world.

Following the start of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic in Jordan, the last tourist left Petra on 16 March.

Since then it’s some 200 guides, 1,500 horse and donkey owners, hotels, restaurant and tourist stalls workers stayed without a fixed revenue.

As Jordan tourism sites have officially reopened to domestic tourism on 16 June, locals flocked on 20 June to visit Petra in quiet surroundings without the big tourist buses.



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