Pete Buttigieg insists in 2020, not only should Trump be removed, but also defeat Trumpism

epa07789125 Democratic candidate for United States President, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, address a crowd of supporters at the American Legion Henry J. Sweeney Post in Manchester, New Hampshire, USA, 23 August 2019. Buttigieg discussed his plans for improving mental health care in the United States. EPA-EFE/CJ GUNTHER

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In an interview with Spanish newspaper El Pais, Maltese-American Democratic Presidential nominee Pete Buttigieg said that in next year’s election “it’s very important that we not only beat this president, but also defeat Trumpism.”

Buttigieg, in his interview with El Pais correspondent Pablo Ximénez de Sandoval added “I believe a lot of people voted for this president not because they think he’s a good person but because he was promising to burn the house down. There was an expression of desire for everything to change. The problem is the president is not actually making our lives any better. So now the house is on fire. But we’re the same”.

Sandoval wrote that with 20 candidates for the Democratic Party contesting biex the party’s candidate in 2020, which is an unprecedented number at this stage, it has been a huge surprise to see a complete unknown like Pete Buttigieg get himself included among the favourites next to names such as Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris.

Buttigieg is running fifth in most polls, which are giving him between 4% and 8% of the vote.

The list will be reduced to just 10 candidates, those who have made it to the next debate. He is already in.

Buttigieg, 37 and mayor of South Bend in Indiana, went on to say in the interview that the basic idea of the campaign is paying attention not only to the problems of this White House, but also to the problems that helped this White House emerge in the first place.

When asked about how to manage the issue of migrant arrivals, he argues that the US “does need to manage our border in a way that’s consistent with our laws, as well as with our values. And there may be improvements we need to make at the border as well. But we cannot have it both ways. If we really want to stabilize immigration, then we have to organize our economy accordingly. That is making sure that everybody has the same level of wage and worker’s protection, so there is not such a powerful incentive for employers to try to take advantage of the undocumented”.


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