Personal attacks characterize live TV debate between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt

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Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt have clashed on Brexit and UK relations with Donald Trump in a lively and occasionally bad-tempered TV debate.

Hunt accused his rival of not being willing to “put his neck on the line” by saying he would quit as PM if he did not hit the 31 October deadline.

Johnson said he admired his rival’s ability “to change his mind” so often – a dig at the fact Mr Hunt voted Remain.

But Johnson has refused to say whether he would resign as prime minister if he doesn’t deliver Brexit by 31 October.

He was repeatedly challenged over what he would do by rival Jeremy Hunt during a TV debate that was marked by personal attacks.

During the first head-to-head debate of the leadership campaign, the two clashed over their different Brexit strategies, political styles and why they were best equipped to be prime minister.

The exchanges were pointed and personal in nature at times, with former Mayor of London Mr Johnson dismissing his opponent’s “managerial” style of politics and accusing him flip-flopping on certain issues.


Via Sky News



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