Pentagon readying plan to contain ISIS, safeguard oil in Syria

epa07936947 A convoy of US troops head toward the Iraqi borders in northeastern of Syria, 20 October 2019. Media reported the US troops started their withdrawal from north Syria towards Iraq according to agreement between US and Turkey. Turkey has launched an offensive targeting Kurdish forces in north-eastern Syria on 09 October, days after the US withdrew troops from the area. EPA-EFE/AHMED MARDNLI

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U.S. military leaders are preparing a plan that could keep ISIS fighters from regaining a foothold in Syria, while preventing Syrian oil from falling into the hands of Iran or the militant group, a Republican senator said on Thursday.

“There’s a plan coming together from the Joint Chiefs that I think may work, that may give us what we need to prevent ISIS from coming back, Iran taking the oil, ISIS from taking the oil,” Senator Lindsey Graham told reporters after receiving a briefing from the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the White House.

Via Reuters

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