Parts of Greece hit by ‘tropical’ Mediterranean storm

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A Mediterranean storm with tropical characteristics swept into the southwestern Peloponnese on Saturday morning, bringing 90 km/h winds, driving rain and crashing waves to otherwise placid seaside communities like Methoni, Finikounda, Koroni and further north to the regional capital of Kalamata.

The storm is also seen affecting the islands of the Ionian Sea as it crosses the rest of the Peloponnese over the course of Saturday, before hitting eastern parts of the country and bringing rain and strong winds to the eastern mainland, Evia, Attica and the islands of the Sporades.

Waves may be as high as 9 meters out to sea in the area around the island of Kythera, authorities warned.

The storm, which some have dubbed Zorbas, is then seen headed across the Aegean Sea, hitting the Cylcadic islands and Crete.

Meteorologists at Greece’s National Observatory said that the storm was less powerful on Saturday than had been estimated the previous day, but warned that the conditions will nevertheless be quite severe.


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