Parliamentary elections in Finland

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Finland’s Social Democrats are in a strong position to take power in Sunday’s parliamentary election, after a campaign centered on welfare provision.

The campaign has in many ways been a traditional right-left battle. The Social Democrats have sought to portray themselves as reliable custodians of Finland’s extensive welfare state, making clear they are willing to raise taxes to maintain public services.

The Social Democrats are ahead with 19 percent support, a poll by Yle published on Thursday showed, with the Center Party back in fourth on 14.5 percent. The far-right Finns Party were in second with 16.3 percent, and in third was the center-right National Coalition Party (NCP) — the Center Party’s junior government partner — on 15.9 percent.

As such their ability to govern will hinge on the strength of the coalition they might need to form, possibly with the nationalist Finns Party.

Via Euronews, Al Jazeera

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