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Congo Ebola Healthcare

WHO preparing for worst case scenario in new Ebola outbreak


An Ebola outbreak has been declared in the north-west of the Democratic Republic of Congo. There are two confirmed cases of the virus and 17 … Read more

Geo Politics Turkey UK

Expectations and revelations before Erdogan start’s UK visit

uk turke.jpeg


President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will meet Queen Elizabeth II and British Prime Minister Theresa May during his official three-day visit to the U.K. starting … Read more

Elections Geo Politics Tunisia

Tunisia fragmented political spectrum after local elections – Analysis


A highly fragmented political scene emerged from Tunisia’s municipal elections. The surprise victory of independent candidates may challenge the longstanding Ennahda-Nidaa Tounes alliance ahead of … Read more

Algeria Elections Geo Politics

81 year old President Bouteflika urged to consider re-running for election


Earlier this week, Algeria‘s biggest union Algeria’s urged President Abdelaziz Bouteflika on Tuesday to seek a fifth term in office in a further sign … Read more

Elections Geo Politics Iraq

Iraqis vote since country declared victory over IS

iraq elections.jpg

Iraqis have voted in the first parliamentary election since the country declared victory over the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known … Read more


Berlusconi can stand for election, as court lifts ban

berlusconi return.jpgAn Italian court has lifted a ban on former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi holding public office.

He was barred in 2013 after receiving a four-year … Read more

Europe Football Geo Politics

Jurgen Klopp – European Leadership on and off the pitch (Jesmond Saliba)


I was brought up following football. I was fell in love with AC Milan. In the recent golden years of the club, I had the … Read more

Editorial Malta News

Editor Perspectives  12th May 2018


The Editorial of The Times  comments about the issue of social housing following the announcement by the Prime Minister on May 1st, about a project … Read more

Malta News

Malta News Paper Review – 12th May 2018


Good morning,

Today’s newspaper’s main stories review follow.


L-Orizzont and The Malta Independent dedicate stories from their Front Page on proposals done by the … Read more

Europe Eurovision Geo Politics

The Economist – Eurovision is an example how Europe is breaking up


Few countries do take the Eurovision’s participation as serious as Malta. For a country which tends to have a divisive perspective on anything under the … Read more

Europe Geo Politics Germany Iran USA

There is no willingness from the US to take the position of its allies seriously


Transatlantic relations have “already been damaged for some time”, and Germany, although ready for dialogue, is “ready for a fight” for its positions .

German … Read more

Geo Politics UK Wine

The UK might suffer a draught… of Rosé Wine


The Guardian reports that experts are warning of a national drought that could have a devastating impact upon the nation’s barbecue plans.

The shortage, however, … Read more


NASA will send a helicopter to Mars – a first

Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 06.42.57.png

NASA said on Friday it will send a small helicopter to Mars as part of the U.S. space agency’s 2020 mission to place a next-generation … Read more

Geo Politics Members of Parliament

Italy MPs get highest salary, which is 5.3% higher than Italian’s mean earnings. Malta and Spain salaries for MPs are in line with countries’ average salaries


Huge differences exist between MPs’ salaries and expenses across the EU with some countries paying their parliamentarians ten times more than others, a Euronews investigation … Read more


Polish MPs vote for their own paycut

poland .jpeg

Euronews reports that Polish MPs have voted to give themselves a 20% pay cut after a bonus scandal involving senior ministers. The move, backed by … Read more

Eurovision Music

Eurovision – The Final Night

ev trophy.jpeg

Tonight, almost exactly one year after Salvador Sobral’s victory in Kyiv, a new Eurovision winner will be added to the history books during the Grand … Read more

European Affairs Geo Politics Italy

Politico – How Italy could blow the EU as we know it


Never before in any of the six original EU countries, much less one of its leading powers, have parties deeply skeptical toward the EU grabbed … Read more

Europe European Union Jean Claude Juncker

“Europe and solidarity go together. Solidarity is part of Europe’s founding pact” – Juncker

Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 20.27.48.png

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker warned against populism in his address at the State of the Union conference in Florence on Friday. “Populists and nationalist … Read more

EU Commission European Union

European Commission launches online public consultation


On Europe Day, the European Commission launched an online public consultation addressed to all Europeans, asking them what direction they want the European Union to … Read more


Two people shot dead in Calabria


ANSA: Two people died and three were hurt in two shootings near Vibo Valentia in Calabria on Friday. The shootings at Limbadi and Nicotera were … Read more

Elections Geo Politics Italy

Agreement on key issues for government formation in Italy

5-Star Movement (M5S) leader Luigi Di Maio said that a fresh meeting with League chief Matteo Salvini on the formation of a new government went … Read more

Journalism Spain

Spain journalists wear black to protest against political interference

spain journalists.jpg

For the third Friday in a row, journalists working for Spain’s public broadcaster have worn black on screen to protest against alleged political interference, gender … Read more

Donald Trump Geo Politics Iran USA

Trump approaches geopolitics like The Apprentice – but this is not his show – Julian Borger (The Guardian’s World Affairs Editor)


The big lesson of Trump’s big week in geopolitics – in which he ditched the Iran nuclear deal while pivoting optimistically toward his summit with … Read more


Britain’s policy on austerity, immigration and tackling terrorism are racist – UN Envoy

brexit campgin.jpeg

Britain’s policies on austerity, immigration and tackling terrorism are racist, a United Nations watchdog has found. The Telegraph  reports that UN Envoy and Law Professor … Read more


The risk of failure of Brexit negotiations exists – Michel Barnier


The risk of a failure of the Brexit negotiations “exists”. In an interview with the German Magazine Der Spiegel, the head of EU negotiations, Michel … Read more

Editorial Malta News

Editor Perspectives  11th May 2018


The Times editorial entitled << When worlds collide>> refers to two separate gatherings which took place in Valletta earlier. We read  “Around and on May … Read more