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Malta : Bond Issuer Rankings – Edward Rizzo

All bond issuers on the Regulated Main Market and the companies that act as guarantors to several of the issuers have now published their annual … Read more

IoScoot celebrates a year of growth

IoScoot is celebrating its first anniversary. It’s been one year since the electric motorbike-sharing service was launched in Malta in 2018, introducing an innovative mobility … Read more

Cathay Pacific CEO resigns

The chief executive of Cathay Pacific, Rupert Hogg, has resigned in the wake of the protests in Hong Kong.

Paul Loo is also leaving as … Read more

Midday Dispatch – Corporate and Financial News

Fears over a global economic downturn were intensified by disappointing data from China and Germany, sending bond yields tumbling to new lows and weighing on … Read more

Talks to avert Ryanair’s Irish pilots strike

Ryanair’s directly employed pilots in Ireland agreed to attend mediated talks starting on Wednesday to avert a strike their trade union said would go ahead … Read more

Midday Dispatch – Corporate and Financial News

Argentina’s peso lost 14 percent of its value against the dollar when exchange markets opened on Monday after President Mauricio Macri suffered a crushing defeat … Read more

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Gibraltar to release Iranian vessel (Updated)

Update: Gibraltar has said it will allow a detained Iranian oil tanker to be released after Tehran gave the territory’s government an assurance that it … Read more

Caro Matteo ti scrivo…

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has written a letter to Matteo Salvini stressing the importance of his responsibility as a Minister contrary a populist leader … Read more

Photo Story: The procession of the feast of the Assumption in Paris


Clergymen carry the statue of Mary with Child during a procession near Notre-Dame cathedral for the Assumption in Paris, France.

The procession route has … Read more

Photo Story: The Indian Army Corps of Signals Motorcycle Rider Display Team

Riders from Indian Army Corps of Signals Motorcycle Rider Display Team,  as they perform during an event organized by the Indian Army on the occasion … Read more

Photo Story: Preparations for Virgin of La Paloma festivities in Madrid

Local policemen and faithful move a float for the Virgin of Paloma’s procession before the mass and procession to mark the Virgin of Paloma day … Read more

China holds police exercises near border with Hong Kong

Hundreds of members of members of China’s People’s Armed Police (PAP) were seen marching and conducting exercises in the city of Shenzhen near the Hong … Read more

Photo Story: 75th anniversary of the WWII landings on Mediterranean beaches

A worker of the Red Cross sprays water on a veteran during a ceremony marking the 75th anniversary of the Allied landings in Provence in … Read more

Denmark to tighten Swedish border controls

The Danish prime minister has pledged to tighten controls at the Swedish border after two bomb blasts in Copenhagen this week.

Two Swedish men have … Read more

Flights at Shannon airport suspended after emergency incident

Operations at Shannon Airport in the Republic of Ireland have been temporary suspended after an “incident” involving a Boeing plane.

The airport said emergency services … Read more

Jeffrey Epstein’s autopsy report finds broken bones in his neck

Disgraced U.S. financier Jeffrey Epstein’s autopsy report found that he had several broken bones in his neck, the Washington Post reported.

Such breaks can happen … Read more

No control over pesticides used in imported agricultural produce – The Headlines: L-Orizzont

L-Orizzont speaks to a mother-of-three about challenges single-parents face in finding a job. The 28-year-old talks about prejudice that people carry, assuming that single-parents want … Read more

Price of Panadol tablets will increase by about 13 cents – The Headlines: In-Nazzjon

In-Nazzjon says that nurses and staff at Mount Carmel face everyday challenges as more wards are being closed down instead of being renovated. The paper … Read more

Mount Carmel hospital set up beds in corridors in response to the shortage of wards – The Headlines: The Times

The Times says that Mount Carmel hospital set up beds in corridors in response to the shortage of wards. The Union of Midwives and Nurses … Read more

Ryanair is relocating bases in France, Italy and Germany to Malta – The Headlines: The Malta Business Weekly

The Malta Business Weekly reveals that Ryanair is relocating bases in France, Italy and Germany to Malta, incorporating them into the recently established Malta Air. … Read more

Commissioner for Animal Welfare Dennis Montebello calls for an end to horse street racing – The Headlines: The Malta Independent

The Malta Independent quotes Commissioner for Animal Welfare Dennis Montebello who called for an end to horse street racing, a tradition in Victoria. He argued … Read more

PhotoStory: Beckhams in Italy for Ferragosto

The Beckham’s extended family is in Italy for the ‘Ferragosto’ holiday. Beckham, who spent some time in Italy, playing for AC Milan, has shared some … Read more

Open Arms enters Italian waters outside Lampedusa

The Spanish humanitarian ship Open Arms entered Italian territorial waters off the Italian island of Lampedusa with 147 rescued migrants on board .

It headed … Read more

Malta: 45 year old Briton in critical condition after falling off hotel balcony

A 45-year-old Briton is in critical condition after falling off a hotel balcony in the early hours of Thursday.

The man, the police said, fell … Read more

Photo Story: Independence Day celebrations in India

An Indian student with her hands painted with Indian flag colors takes part in India’s Independence Day celebrations in a school Amritsar, India.

India celebrates … Read more

Nora Quoirin autopsy indicates she likely died from hunger and stress

Malaysian police said on Thursday that Irish-French teenager Nora Quoirin died from internal bleeding likely caused by hunger and stress.

They added that the autopsy … Read more

Russian passenger jet performs emergency landing near Moscow

A Russian passenger plane from Ural Airlines’ performed an emergency landing near Moscow shortly after take-off on Thursday after birds were sucked into its engines. … Read more

Photo Story: The International Sand Sculpture Festival in Ashkelon, Israel

Photos of some of the sand sculptures that have been prepared ahead of the International Sand Sculpture Festival in Ashkelon, Israel.

The festival will run … Read more

Scientists find plastic microbeads in remote Arctic ice

Even in the Arctic, microscopic particles of plastic are falling out of the sky with snow, a study has found.

The scientists said they were … Read more

Suspects in Slovak journalist’s killing face more charges

Four suspects in last year’s killings of Jan Kuciak, a Slovak investigative journalist and his fiancée, Martina Kusnirova, have also been charged with ordering the … Read more

On this day…

1920 Polish troops commanded by Józef Piłsudski defeat the Soviets at the Battle of Warsaw (Miracle upon the Vistula)

1942 SS Ohio enters Grand Harbour Read more

Over 3,000 Britons have obtained Belgian citizenship since the Brexit referendum

Since voters in the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union in a referendum held in June 2016 3,454 British nationals living in Belgium … Read more

Russian nuclear-capable TU-160 bombers deployed near US border

Russia announced it had flown two nuclear-capable TU-160 bombers to a far eastern Russian region opposite Alaska as part of a training exercise that state … Read more