Owner of Alessandria farm admits he caused fatal explosion to defraud the insurance

epa07973682 Rescuers, firefighters and police work at the site of two explosions at a building on a farm in Quargnento, Italy, 05 November 2019. According to media reports, the initial explosion at the building sparked a fire, which firefighters attempted to extinguish, and a second explosion killed three firefighters battling the blaze. The explosion was reportedly sparked by gas cylinders. EPA-EFE/DINO FERRETTI

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Giovanni Vincenti was arrested on charges of arson, murder and voluntary injuries due to the death of the three firefighters who had intervened at a farmhouse in Quargnento in Alessandria. The man’s wife is also being investigated.

Vincenti, the owner of the farmhouse who planned the whole thing in order to defraud his insurance.

Three firefighters were killed when they intervened to put out a fire that developed in the property before being killed by an explosion. They were Antonino Candido, Marco Triches and Matteo Gastaldo.

The man confessed after several hours of interrogation in the night, denying however the intention of wanting to kill.

The turning point in the investigation came within hours of the funeral of the three firefighters in the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Mark of Alexandria.


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