Over 5,000 persons killed in Venezuela for resisting to authority – UN

epa07541374 Demonstrators participate in a protest in Caracas, Venezuela, 01 May 2019, a day after members of the opposition clashed with government forces. Reports state that the head of the Venezuelan Parliament Juan Guaido, called 'all Venezuela to the streets' today to continue with 'Operacion Libertad' (freedom operation), hoping that the President Nicolas Maduro leave power. EPA-EFE/Rayner Pena

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A United Nations report released Thursday claims the incidence of alleged extrajudicial killings by the security forces in Venezuela in the context of security operations has been “shockingly high”.

It says Venezuelan government had registered 5,287 killings, purportedly for “resistance to authority,” during such operations last year.

And another 1,569 people have been killed so far this year, according to government figures.

Via Sky News 

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