Over 200 Alitalia flights cancelled because of pilot, cabin crew strike

epa05928785 Italian airline 'Alitalia' planes are parked on the tarmac of Fiumicino's Leonardo da Vinci International airport, near Rome, 26 April 2017. Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni on 26 April was quoted as saying that he was disappointed Alitalia workers had rejected a plan to turn around the troubled airline and admitted he was worried about the company's future. 'I cannot silence the concern about what is happening to Alitalia' and 'It is necessary to be on the market to compete. I am disappointed that the opportunity of the agreement between the company and the unions was not accepted', he was quoted as saying by Italian media. EPA/TELENEWS

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Alitalia pilots and cabin crew staged a 24-hour strike called by the Anpac, Anpav and Anp unions on Wednesday.

See full list of cancelled flights here


The action forced the Italian airline to cancel 198 flights on Wednesday, around 35% of those it was scheduled to run.

It also scrapped a handful of flights late on Tuesday and some scheduled for early on Thursday.



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