Only 13% of UK working parents want to go back to ‘the old normal’

Social distancing signs on Southend beach in Southend on Sea, Essex, Britain. The UK is experiencing very hot weather expected to bring temperatures in excess to those usually found on the Mediterranean, according to local media. EPA-EFE/WILL OLIVER

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A survey issued in the UK shows that most parents do not want to go back to living how things were previous the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

Lockdown has given people a chance to sample new ways of balancing their jobs and family lives and they have concluded that something must change. Just 13% want to go back to pre-pandemic ways of working, with most people saying they would prefer to spend a maximum of three days in the office.

A survey of 1,500 people carried out for Bright Horizons, the nursery provider, suggests that many working parents realise that large parts of their jobs can be conducted remotely. And they believe that their employers will agree.

Nearly two-thirds think their employers will be open to remote or flexible working in the future as the widespread adoption of Zoom and other online tools has kept many businesses functioning even as physical workplaces have been shuttered.

Almost half – 48% – of those who worked in an office before lockdown said they were considering asking for some more remote working.


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